Conclusions/Convergence/6th Sense Technology

> These are Things We Know, Shuffled, Re-Examined, and Re-Arranged.

> Producing an open society accessible in the palm of our hand, mapped knowledge of "true cost" of productions and processes

> Community-pooling/Community-driven technologies/supporting not isolating, remote controlling city-scape/exercising governance

>"Mobile Democracy" being the aftermath of having millions of people having convenient access to a multidimensionalized structure of intelligence, capable of user-input for eventual direct influence on policies.

> Again: Thinking of mobile devices as 'Interactive knowledge acquisition & inscription devices' & MOBILE DEVICE AS A PROSTHETIC 6TH SENSE: When acting as a sensor of data, detector and provider of mapped knowledge, tool for “meshworking” intelligence between people of different fields/industries/etc intimately or anonymously. Accessing pollution levels, temperature, vehicle and foot traffic, subway arrivals, statistics in neighborhoods, informed citizenry becoming a multi-plex of advanced problem-solvers with foresight