Civilization infects us with separation.
How will we ___ this vicious cycle?

Meanwhile, breathe-in the oceanic sky, ground yourself,
and don’t let anyone steal your laughter.

Explore. Collect. Connect.
[ dissolve delusions ]

Exit the now, enter the know,
know the dominoes //|||

Defragment knowledge, unify and animate understanding ...

Realize. Realign. Revitalize.
[ find rebellious moments / resistance is fertile ]

This site is obviously not about the beauty of design.
It's about provoking and challenging you with a variety of resources.

HUGE collection of free documentaries of this
twisted & intriguing world

78 Reasonable Questions to Ask about Any Technology

Viral Spiral Dance of Chance

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Knowledge + Imagination + Determination

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The State of Nature
The Nature of the State

(and the nature of your state of mind)

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vicious cycle ... action.
What will last long after anything collapses?
Artificial ignorance Vs. Natural wisdom
Is natural ignorance the stem of human virtue?
who cares?

What's the meaning of life?
Developing better questions.

Reconfigure what normal is.