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know the dominoes //|||

Defragment knowledge, unify and animate understanding ...

Integrity + Insight , Freedom + Foresight.

Realize. Realign. Revitalize.

This site is obviously not about the beauty of design.
It's about provoking and challenging you with a variety of resources.

HUGE collection of free documentaries of this
twisted & intriguing world

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History Commons   Before They Pass   Survival International   Rewild   WilliamPepper.com   Littlesis.org   LEAP   Dark Alliance        
   Anarchy Radio   Black & Green Review   Censored News   Primitivism   The Salt of the Earth   John Taylor Gatto   Metanoia-Films              

 Crime Thinc   CostsofWar.org   Project Censored   Cryptome.org   AdBlock Plus   Pro Publica   Dirty Energy Money    Public Integrity   EWG.org 

Ghostery   Track Me Not   DuckDuckGo Search   PR Watch   Open Secrets   Wikileaks   The Pirate Bay   New Torrentz   Farm Forward

Archive.org   Secrecy News  
John Pilger videos   Journeyman.TV   Open Source Ecology   TheyRule.net   Sunlight Foundation  

Core of Corruption  
Water.org   Narco News   Bill Hicks(mp3)   NatSecArchive    National Priorities    Franklin Cover-up   Fifth Estate

Encyclopedia of Life   Arts & Letters Daily   Hacker News   Zero Hedge   Occucards  
PRISM Break!   PublicIntelligence.net

   TV-B-Gone!   Snopes.com   Naked Capitalism   Science Daily   Universe Review   NuSi.org   Hunter-Gather Journal   Sci-hub

Qatsi Trilogy   Wilderness Awareness   Cultural Survival   Chasing the Scream   CIA Media   Democide-1   Democide-2   Police killings

Monarch butterfly breeding   No Treason (audio)




Free knowledge, fuel imagination. Rise from the vicious cycle.

We're prone to self-deception. Widen your spectrum, engage and penetrate fabricated psycho-dramas.

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Reconfigure what normal is.
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The State of Nature VS. The Nature of the State
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