The world is a business .. The world is show business … what the world has become.

What can we do? What will we do? And will it matter? To who?

What are we doing to counter-balance this delusional broadcast of messages telling us that “Life” = make money, spend money, and marry our electronic devices with the blessings from our corporate brand-gods? And who will create more room (tolerance/openness) for constructive criticism?

If you think or hope there will be a “singularity,” you must include this cast: the sponsors, the bank-rollers, the publicists, and the “leaders” pushing for this reality, and you must ask yourself (if you care) WHY.

How far into the future are we thinking? How many of us care about future generations? Imagine living 1,000’s of years ago and getting a glimpse into the 21st century. Imagine getting to glimpse into the year 4,000. Are you hopeful?

Or, just forget about all of this and enjoy some time-wasting entertainment (is it?).


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