Similarities: Philadelphia 1981 & Waco 1993

Here’s some interesting recent American history that you may or may not be familiar with.

  1. The MOVE organization. They supposedly advocated a return to a hunter-gatherer society and they were against technology to a large degree.
  2. In the “fallout” section it tells of how the Philadelphia police dropped a bomb on a house and allowed 65 houses to burn, killing numerous people. The FBI and ATF were also involved.
  3. Before this, it was the 1st time someone video recorded police beating a black person, who happened to be the leader of the MOVE organization.
  4. For more info, check out this documentary called “Let the Fire Burn.”
  5. If you’ve read about it, or are old enough to remember the news in 1993, does this remind you of the militant storming of the “Branch Davidian” compound in Waco, TX?
    For more info about that, check out two documentaries, WACO: The Rules of Engagement & Waco: A New Revelation (below). Also check out the entry at


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