Psychedelic Healing & People-Power: Efforts to Legalize Nature VS. Flawed Law; Illness of the Illegal

  • Research using psychedelics was prevented/suspended by the FDA for around 30 years.
  • Global legal/illegal status of psilocybin mushrooms – Wikipedia entry
  • Video segment of James Fadiman of Stanford explaining how psilocybin acts “democratically.” He also stated in 1998 that many people who influenced the early days of computers were influenced by psychedelics, but were reluctant to being open about that fact.
  • Check out this video segment of Roland Griffiths from Johns-Hopkins Univ who (after a lot of struggle) has been using psilocybin mushrooms to relieve the anxiety in cancer patients.
  • 13min video showing successful treatments of PTSD caused by child abuse and the Vietnam war.
  • Video segment: Francis Crick directly correlated his use of LSD with helping him visualize the double helix of DNA, which eventually led to him being awarded a Nobel Prize.
  • The Multidisciplinary Assoc for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) is working to get more clinical studies to speed up the slow FDA approval process (prediction = year 2021, WTF) and they were successful getting funding last year using
  • Another campaign to produce psilocybin & MDMA by the Oslo Norway non-profit EmmaSofia using IndieGoGo, as reported in VICE.
  • 6min video on some history of MDMA & the DEA’s role in preventing its use and how the struggle began to try to get it approved by the FDA.
  • Check the interesting interviews from the Science and Sacraments Psychedelic Research Series
  • Looks like an old friend of Steve Jobs claims that although Mr. Jobs had a chance to help fund psychedelic research around the time of LSD founder Albert Hoffman’s 100th birthday, he did not (bottom of this CNN page, although I don’t recommend CNN, usually).
  • And it looks as though the 1960’s were too much of a head trip for the “United Nations” according to their 1971 restriction of psychedelics.
  • And sadly, this video reveals deep limits of the “wisdom” of the Dalai Lama on taking psychedelics


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