Faith in the Airplane, Faith in “Civilization,” and the Devastating Wreckage

Here’s a few airplane-themed items I would like to share that those of us who are alive & comfortable see as “normal,” yet produce devastating consequences for people that most of us will never meet:

  1.   German Lufthansa pilot homicide-suicide plane crash (Kamikaze-like).
  2.   Essay: “Civilization Is Like a Jetliner” – 3 page PDF & text at (CTRL+F search in your browser).
  3.   Wings of Hope, by Werner Herzog (1 hr documentary at youtube) – A plane crashed in the Peruvian jungle, killing 91 people. One 17  yr-old female survived. The rescue search was called off after 10 days. The 17 yr-old emerged on the 12th day.
  4.   “Ten Sole Survivors of Catastrophic Plane Crashes” – link
  5.   Air traffic worldwide (1 min video) – link
  6.   Aviation accidents & incidents – wikipedia entry
  7.   Lastly, this Academy award-nominated documentary Darwin’s Nightmare has an airplane theme:
    • Darwin’s Nightmare – 2004 French-Belgian-Austrian film dealing with the environmental and social effects of the fishing industry around lake Victoria in Tanzania, Africa. Planes enter bringing weapons and leave taking 50 tons of fish each flight to feed 2 million Europeans. Street children and villagers with HIV suffer while big business takes priority over the health of that society. Excess & neglect at it’s worst.

      torrents for the movie]
  • New Addition to this post:
    The director of Darwin’s Nightmare, Hubert Sauper, debuted another movie in 2014 called We Come As Friends. He did an interview that finishes with a great explanation of the airplane as a symbol of domination.


For some, surviving civilization becomes impossible when opting-in, and for others it becomes a “miracle.”


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