Ends and Means, by Aldous Huxley

I listened to an informal interview with Mr. Huxley’s wife Laura (recorded by Alan Watts). She mentioned how Mr. Huxley was disappointed at the reception of his book Ends and Means: An Enquiry into the Nature of Ideals and into the Methods Employed for their Realization (free at Archive.org),  and how he thought it was his most under-rated and under-appreciated book. I’ve read it and below are key words associated with the book:

War, peace, non-violence, non-cooperation, boycotts, will, desire, knowledge, morality, non-attachment, rational idealist, choice, money & power, intelligence, emotions, media, propaganda, technology, education, childhood, adulthood, responsibility, guidance, self-government, democracy, reform, revolution, minimum wage, maximum wage, programming, integration of the intellectual with practical purpose, science, philosophy, engineering, mechanics, tyranny, dictatorship, fascism, communism, capitalism, religion, Christianity, Catholicism, Protestants, Jesus, Hinduism, Gandhi, Islam, Mohammed, Buddhism, Buddha, art, tradecraft, acting, drama, psychology, ego, self-destruction, literature, addiction, deception, mind, matter, hypnosis, telepathy, evolution, natural selection, competition, sexuality, meaning, meaninglessness.


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