From New York to China to Taiwan to Philadelphia: Exploring, Collecting, Connecting.

Despite everything mentioned here, I have very different views now (2017) than during my activities in NYC.

I’m an American living in Philadelphia, PA who lived in Northern China and Taiwan for two years (2013-2015).

I moved to China in 2013 after living in Brooklyn, NY. From 2004-2009 I worked as an assistant to former music “public relations” star and current author/speaker Howard Bloom. We traveled throughout America as well as Holland, Russia, South Korea, and Malaysia. We were involved with people in the music industry, space industry & Air Force, various authors, futurists, scientists, multi-media artists, businessmen, Ray Kurzweil’s circle (AI and Lifeboat), and many others. I no longer associate with any of the persons or projects mentioned below, but I think it’s useful to have a keen awareness of how ideas can change and how that relates to how we associate with people.

People I met through my job with Howard Bloom:

  • Douglas Rushkoff was a neighbor of ours
  • David Krebs (music industry/former Aerosmith manager)
  • Marina V
  • Chris McCulloch (Venture Brothers animation)
  • Grant Morrison
  • Playwright Richard Foreman, (RIP)
  • Richard Metzger of disinfo.net
  • Classical composer Octavio Vasquez
  • Daniel Pinchbeck
  • Mr. Bloom started an “artist development group” and I was the main point of contact for many musicians aspiring to reach more listeners. This group lasted for about one year.
  • Crossed paths with people who organized The Moth
  • Met and befriended Alan Gershwin, the son (illegitimate son) of the famed pianist George Gershwin. He was around eighty years-old at the time, but was full of energy and was a very personable man who was a pleasure to speak with.
  • Connected with the Bill Hicks Foundation for Wildlife (of deceased comedian) which offers this t-shirt I designed on their online donation page. Bill Hicks was a favorite comedian of mine. I was emailed that Bill Hicks’ brother and mother proudly put on the t-shirts soon after the shirts arrived at their door. I felt so honored for something so simple and normal as a t-shirt.
  • Connected with Robert Steele who was the focus of this Guardian article on “Open Source Everything” which also mentions my true cost t-shirt research. The true cost t-shirt was proudly sold at the 2012 Hackers on Planet Earth conference in New York City and has long been sold out. It was also featured at a gallery on the Canary Island (Spanish) community of Santa Cruz de Tenerife (southwest of Morocco).
  • Through Robert Steele’s 2006 Open Source Intelligence Conference, I befriended famed former CIA man of 39 years, Burton Gerber, thanks to Jeff Toolan.
  • Crossed paths with p2pFoundation founder Michel Bauwens.
  • Was involved with meetings with Buzz Aldrin and the Space Development Steering Committee regarding space solar power. We also attended a space conference at the American Enterprise Institute, and a space solar power conference in Colorado that was organized by the Air Force, as well as other space conferences, and the X-Prize in New Mexico.
  • Connected with Jerome Glenn, head of the Millennium Project, which publishes The State of the Future.


  • About a year after leaving the job with Howard Bloom, I was asked to be part of a UNESCO team of researchers to work on the World Water Assessment Program’s report that is released every four years. A by-product of that report is this 40+ pages of links about water. Here’s my contribution (PDF) to the UNESCO report.
  • I was honored with the privilege of being an assistant (briefly) with the great sculptor Lawrence Berger who’s been through some unfortunate circumstances with hurricane Sandy damaging a lot of his work.
  • In 2011-2012 I collaborated with Delbert Spurlock, former Pentagon legal counsel, and David Stansfield, a former co-worker of Marshall McLuhan. We collaborated on a civics education project in Oberlin, Ohio. Later, they formed CivicVision.net.
  • Before moving to China in late 2013 I found myself working with the Illuminator crew and later with Ben Cohen (co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream) where we used a van mounted with a very large digital projector connected to a laptop that looped various messages. I drove it all over New York City late into the night.

My email is CreativeAnarchy [at] re-configure.org